(blĕs'ĭng) n. Something promoting or contributing to happiness, well-being, or prosperity; a boon

Friday, July 20, 2007

A little piece of heaven

I found it. A little piece of heaven on earth. In the form of a lovely little coffee house overlooking the lovely town square. This lovely little coffeehouse not only has excellent coffee (actually I had a tea smoothie -- mmm) but free wireless internet in a lovely atmosphere.

[Lovely, must be the word of the day.]

I could live at this place -- it even has comfy couches. My only complaint -- the a/c is set a little cool but that's what sweaters are for right?

Hopefully, I will be able to make it back and keep my posts current for you.

I haven't done much but visit with family. Today and tomorrow I think we will be doing some more packing and then on Sunday one of my other aunts will be up to help.

I am also looking forward to inspecting the duplex my grandparents will be moving into. According to Grampy it is coming along nicely: new carpet, new paint, new fixtures . . .


  1. Gabe had a doctors appointment this week and then I always make it a point to spot at this coffee shop afterwards called Beans & Cream. They have wonderful pumpkin scones with a cream chesse frosting, great coffee and a great play area for the kids. I some times which it was located in DeForest, but it is probably a good thing it isn't or I would be so tempted:)

  2. Hi Chris!! I hope that you are having a great time in Texas!!! Hannah & I had a nice visit yesterday. I beat her in Skip-Bo! Anyway, see ya when you get back.