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Friday, July 13, 2007

Cotton candy high

I went to the fair again tonight. I'm still flying on the sugar high from the cotton candy. It was good though!

Tonight I went with a friend and she convinced me to go on a ride with her. I like rides. They are fun. However, I am only good for one twirly ride before I get ill. My friend talked me into the zipper -- which is a basically an elongated ferris wheel except the cars are cages. Which means, yes, the cars flip and rock. Yes, fun.

Anyway, we saw some groomed animals -- specifically the ones of people we knew. We wandered through the commercial buildings and signed up to win a couple free flags and $50 in groceries. Toured some 2008 RVs and ogled the 2007 cars we will probably never be able to afford. You know, dreamed a little.

Had a corn dog and the aforementioned cotton candy. Hmm . . . I don't know how I will top the cotton candy . . .

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