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Monday, July 9, 2007

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is truly an amazing invention.

When I was growing up, air conditioning consisted of a box fan in the window and lots of ice water. And amazingly enough I lived through it! What happened to me!

I finally gave in yesterday and turned my air on for the first time this summer. Which, in all seriousness, is pretty good. The summer is half over already. I do keep the temperature pretty high (usually between 76-78 degrees); and basically use it to keep the humidity out of my house.

The "Queen" loves air conditioning! You should have seen her sprawled out in the middle of the room yesterday before I turned the air on. I don't think she moved all day!

I made a deal with myself though. I turn the air conditioner on if I clean my house this week.

So . . . off to clean I go.

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