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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Courtesy of the public library . . .

I am posting from the public library computer (haven't found a wireless source yet) so I have literally 19 minutes and counting left to compose my thoughts and post them to the internet. Now, you think, 19 minutes to type a couple sentences into the computer and click the post button? No problem! But you do not realize the depths that I have to dig into my brain into compose an intelligible sentence.

Anyway, I have obviously made it safely to the Lone Star state. No injuries or accidents. Just a little tired, but I did go to bed at 9:30 last night. (The earliest I have gone to bed in years!)

Today, will be a day of sorting and packing. Thankfully in the cool a/c. It is hot!

Anyway, my minutes are ebbing and I need to get on with what I came here for . . . visiting my grandparents!

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  1. Today it is finally nice and cool here in Wisconsin. It was a nice change from waking up to humidity. I sure hope the humidity stays a way for a few days. I will keep you in my prayers and have a wonderful time in Texas:)