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Friday, January 30, 2009

5 surprising things I did (or didn't) do today

  1. I didn't read the day away. (This has been known to happen. Frequently.)

  2. I did wash all the dirty dishes in my kitchen including the ones I had to wash by hand. (This is a most dreaded chore. I have a sinkful of pots & pans drying and my second load of dishes waiting to be run in the dishwasher. Dreaded chore.)

  3. I did buy an mp3 player with my Christmas money. (I really wasn't planning on doing this today. Didn't I just mention that this was on my wishlist recently?)

  4. I did clean three rooms of my house and bake bread. (I'm finishing the bread up right now. Yummy.)

  5. I didn't step one foot out the door. (Some days it is nice to hibernate a little bit.)

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