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Thursday, January 8, 2009


With the frigorific* front moving in tomorrow, I am planning on cooking all of tomorrow afternoon.

I am working at the library for a few hours in the morning but then I have dedicated my afternoon to making homemade mac & cheese, potato & ham soup, and bread! Ambitious I know but I am holding myself accountable to get this done.

This will be part of my meal supply for next week and I am going to freeze some for later. I am kind of liking this meal-planning thing.

One thing I have already realized is I have to be flexible. Wednesday a project I couldn't get out of came up at work and I had to leave for lunch later than usual plus it was shortened so I had to improvise a little. But it worked and I'm good.

I think I will be eating better and healthier.

I hope.

No, I know I will -- I have celery in my fridge . . . to snack on! That is already way better than anything I have had for a long time.

*word of the week

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