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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oh April, where have you gone?

I have to say this list thing is working out for me. If I hadn't started using lists more effectively I think I would be freaking out a bit right now. What with 6 days until my roommate moves in (Hi roommate!), and 9 days until I have my garage sale.

Wait -- okay, yup -- still freaking out a bit. It seems it was only 30 days ago I still had a month to get stuff done (heehee -- thirty days? a month? -- get it? okay, I am going insane here).

I have all day tomorrow to finish cleaning up the yard. And my mom and I are going to build some garden beds for the vegetable garden out at the farm -- that should be interesting. (If I remember my camera I will have some photos next week. If I am still functioning next week, that is.)

Then the rest of my weekend is going to be devoted to making the house a little more livable so my roommate (Hi roommate!) doesn't have a heart attack when she walks in the door. That would be very, very bad. :-)

Very bad.

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  1. Hi roommate!! Don't worry too much about cleaning up. I know I'm coming home to a room full of boxes anyway. ;)