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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


At the end of March I started creating a weekly to do list. It would help me to focus on the bigger projects I wanted or needed to complete during the week.

I created the list on Sunday evening (or sometimes even before that) to be started Monday. As I completed each item I checked it off the list.

This list:
  • helps to keep me focused on things that need to be done
  • helps me to see how much I have accomplished during the week -- this is a benefit I didn't count I
  • helps me plan out my week and the days in it
  • helps me to get tasks done
  • helps keep procrastination to a minimum (who me, procrastinate?) :-D

My to do list has been very helpful. Last week I missed updating on Sunday -- it really threw off my entire week. Now I am playing catch up. And I only have a day to do it. Argh.

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