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Monday, February 16, 2009


I'm starting to really enjoy this frugal life of mine.

It is almost a game . . . finding the best deal, talking myself out of buying something I really don't need, clipping coupons, etc.

I think the most difficult thing is getting rid of the stuff I already have but do not need or use. One of the major reasons I don't like to clean is all the stuff I have to clean, clean around, or put away.

As I continue to become a more frugal person one of my goals is to get rid of (and not replace) some of the stuff in my life.

So I have decided . . . just today as a matter of fact . . . that my focus this month is to get rid of stuff. My goal is to spend at least a half an hour going through the piles of things I keep telling myself I am going to NEED someday.

I am going to re-evaluate these NEEDS. My stuff is either going to go into the Garage Sale Pile (btw - did I mention I am having a garage sale this spring?), the Good Will Pile, the Garbage Pile, Gift Pile (re-gifting is a beautiful thing), or the Keep Pile. Hopefully, the Keep Pile will be very, very small.


  1. Stuff can really over take our life. I think one of the things I really hate is electronic toys. After Christmas I put a bunch into a container and put them in the garage. The kids really don't play with them much besides pulling them all out and making a big mess. Clutter can really make a person stressed out or at least it does me. Anyway there is a blog that I love to read http://orgjunkie.com/, which has make me very aware of clutter and cleaning it up and how to organize it. I think one big problem many of us have is we have lots of stuff and the things that go together are not stored together, but in many different places like sewing items, scrapbooking and so on. I've been meaning to take some pictures of some of the organizing that I have done, but just haven't gotten around to it. It's great to hear about your quest in getting rid of stuff. I will be joining you in this quest to continue to get rid of stuff in my house as well.

  2. Thanks for the link!

    (And I totally agree with everything you said!)