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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I honestly can't say this has been the most productive day.

I started out with grand plans and great intentions. I have a list of things I wanted to get done -- none of which were excessively difficult nor time consuming . . . and yet not a single item on my list was completed today.

It all started at noon when I opened my front door to see if my mail had arrived. It had but so had a package. A package I had been waiting for for a week!

It was the mp3 player I had purchased with some of the Christmas money I got from Grammy.

So the rest of my day was sucked into the mp3 player universe. I charged it up during my lunch break. Then during my afternoon break I perused my "free" download selection to find a few tunes to add. This evening has been spent figuring out how to download, upload, and all other manner of loading.

But I am -- now, at this very moment -- listening to my new mp3 player.

Oh, and I called the brother -- so I guess today was pretty productive.

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