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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Take a breath and dive right in

Last week I took a little break from blogging. (I don't like to do that because once I stop I may never start again.) The next few weeks I may have some laconic* posts.

I have a busy month:
  • I have started teaching my Computers for Older Adults class again

  • I am cleaning out the Pit to make it bedroom-ready

  • I am sorting furniture for a garage sale (to be held at a later date -- I have no time right now!) :-)

  • I am priming and painting 2 bedrooms

  • I am moving my bedroom

  • I am moving a friend in
And those are only the activities extraordinary to my daily life!

Busyness can be a blessing, right?

One consolation . . .
. . . SPRING is almost here!

*added to Locution List

1 comment:

  1. Good luck with all the work you have to do. Just think it will keep you busy and before you know it spring will be here:)