(blĕs'ĭng) n. Something promoting or contributing to happiness, well-being, or prosperity; a boon

Monday, June 25, 2007


So much emphasis, these days, is on happiness. Do it if it makes you happy. Are you happy with it? I'm not happy so I need to change something so I am happy.

I believe this is the wrong way to look at things. There is no way that everyone will be happy all the time. There is no way you or I will be happy all the time. Look at kids. They may not happy because they want that candy bar right now and will let you know it in the middle of the grocery store. Loudly. Yet just because they get that candy bar does not mean it is good for them physically, emotionally, etc. They may regurgitate that candy bar all over the back seat on the way home. Or realize that, yes, I can control my parents by embarrassing them with loud tantrums in the grocery store.

Same with our lives, just because we fix something because we aren't happy at the moment doesn't mean we are making the best decisions.

Ah, enough of that now. Just thought I would throw out a little extra since I missed Friday's posting. I will probably talk about this more as I try to become more contented.

Contentment seems the better thing to strive for. Harder, maybe. Not the norm, definately. But worth it.

Searching for a way to make what we have (marriage, career, family, spiritual life) is not always easy. We have to confront some issues or people that we (and by we, I mean I) have been putting off. Possibly because we (I) really hate confrontation, conflict, contention, etc.

Contentment is realizing what we have now is worth it. Worth the effort, worth a little unpleasantness, it takes to enjoy what we have to the fullest.

Ah, enough of that now. I will probably share some more in my effort to become more contented. But I think I have more than made up for Friday's missed post.

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