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Friday, September 24, 2010

Reading Woes

Sadly, I have been doing poorly on my 100+ Challenge.  Lately, I have barely had time to read during the day and fall asleep reading at night.

This falling asleep reading is baffling to me.  I never used to do that.  I could stay up till the wee hours reading without falling asleep...until recently.  I am hoping this is a sign that I am tiring myself out with activity and not that I am getting too old.

I have a huge stack of library books on my table waiting to be read and a few books that I own that are gathering dust.  I had planned to read New York: The Novel by Edward Rutherford before I went to visit the sister in October.  That is not going to happen. I'll have to read it for the next time I visit.

Airplane travel provides ample opportunity to read; and as I am going to visit the sister the first week and the brother the last week of October I will have a couple of air travel days to crack a book open.

And now I am going to go try to finish my current read without falling asleep...

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